Masters Degree Chiropractic (SA) (DUT)

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences: Pain and Pain Management (Otago)

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences: Western Acupuncture (AUT)

Member New Zealand Chiropractic Association

Member New Zealand Pain Society


Nigel Peek graduated from Durban University of Technology in 2005, completing a six year Masters Degree in Chiropractic. His dissertation, published in 2005 focused on the effects of computer use on neck and shoulder disorders. On completion of his studies Nigel then immigrated to New Zealand passing the New Zealand Chiropractic Board exam. In 2009 he completed a postgraduate certificate in Medical/Western Acupuncture at AUT in Auckland.


In 2018 Nigel began postgraduate study in pain science and pain management through the University of Otago, after completing his diploma in 2020 he is set to continue towards a masters in 2021 and beyond. 


Nigel is an avid reader within his field, with a special interest in complex pain disorders including persistent back and neck pain, migraine and fibromyalgia. He has a strong volition to tackle the burden of chronic pain by encouraging his patients to regain control of their pain and suffering.    


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